Jotul_F 50 TL Rangeley.jpg

Leading the way in clean combustion technology, Jøtul now offers the convenience of top-loading in a non-catalytic wood stove. Utilizing Jøtul's patent pending rotating baffle, the Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley, can be easily loaded from the top with the turn of a handle. For those looking for long overnight burn times, the Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley also has a convenient front-load option that allows for our legendary front-to-back "cigar burn."

  • Featuring Jøtul's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard heat-resistant stove gloves
  • Easy top load and front load convenience
  • Incorporates Jøtul's non-catalytic clean burn technology



  • Emission: 2.84 gram/hr

  • Heating capacity: Up to 2,500 sq. ft.

  • Approx weight: 569 lbs

  • Log size: Up to 20"

  • Flue Outlet: 6"

  • Efficiency: Over 84%

  • Flue exit options: Top and Rear

  • Max output: 83,000 BTU

  • Ash solution: Yes

  • Measurements (HxWxD): 30.625" x 27.25" x 27.625"