HearthStone Celeste 48, 60, or 72 avaloable in Michigan.

One of the most important distinction of the Celeste fireplaces is that they can be vented down, through a lower floor and out a side wall with our exclusive, optional, power vent, or vented vertically through the roof, or up and through a side wall. This makes them perfect for an island or any other special installation requirement.

Built-in linear fireplace:

  • Clean, versatile style fits in any home

Reflective black enamel Interior:

  • Magnifies the glow and depth of the fire

Child-safe certified glass barriers:

  • Ensures safety within your home

Smart remote control:

  • Flame adjustment

  • Blower speed adjustment

  • Thermostatic mode

  • Programmable timer

Integrated convection blower:

  • Circulates warm air quietly

Optional power vent:

  • Versatile installation options

On-demand ignition system:

  • Conserves energy in warm weather

  • Provides reliability in cold weather

Secure battery power:  

  • Operates the stove during a power outage. *Requires 110V for blower

Direct-Vent technology:

  • Draws combustion air from outside to reduce drafts and maintain indoor air quality

Heater Rated Appliance:

  • Delivers reliable zone heating

Glass Media:

  • 7 media options present the gas flames

  • Black reflective glass included


  • Heating Capacity: 1,300 to 2,000 sq. ft.

  • Maximum BTU Input: 16,000 BTU's / Hour to 40,000 BTU's/Hour

  • Steady State Efficiency: 65.7% to 72.6%

  • Convection Blower: Standard

  • Venting: 4" x 6-5/8" DV, left of right vent


Celeste 48 - 8935
Celeste 60 - 8945

Celeste 72 - 8955